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Is my child ready for a governess or tutor?

Why would you hire a governess or tutor? There are many reasons: Exam confidence One great benefit of a governess or tutor is that your child gets one-to-one support and a real focus on exam readiness which always increases a child’s confidence on exam day. Teaching...

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How to keep your nanny

Sometimes it feels like finding the right nanny is a job in itself. Working with a reputable agency to identify the best candidates. Coming up with questions that will help her understand your family dynamic, getting her established in the household… Surely you can...

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The Elite Nanny Company guide to Nanny Share

What is a nanny share? Is it for you? How does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages? The Elite Nanny Company has all the information you need to help you decide. Nanny sharing, or shared care, is simply when a nanny cares for the children of two or more...

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Family life with pets

Many families believe that children need animals to help them build relationships and understand such concepts as empathy, care of others and even discipline. But what do you need do to ensure your child and your pet are both safe and happy? Dogs, children and nanny...

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Children and outdoor play

Reports from the industrialised West suggest that many children are spending between 30-50 hours a week getting their stimulation indoors. From TV in cars to computer games, from the Wii to the iPad. Young people are experiencing a transformed world where electronic...

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Terrorism and your child

How do we explain something to our children that we can’t understand ourselves? It’s almost impossible to explain the nature of terror attacks to children. Not least because we don’t have a vocabulary that covers such situations and we often feel that we lack adequate...

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Nursery V Nanny – the pros and cons

Nursery or Nanny? It’s a difficult decision and there is no one right answer. We know that childcare is a crucial matter and that every family has to decide for themselves exactly what works for them. So let’s look at some facts. Cost The Money Advice Service says...

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Tutors and Nannies

Tutors and Nannies We’ve noticed that more and more families are hiring tutors. to help their children, alongside their nanny. At The Elite Nanny Agency we’re recognising that this is a real contribution. To the well being of the child. Not just intellectually but...

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Easter fun

Most of us can remember how wonderful the Easter holidays were as children. A break in the monotony of school and lots of chocolate - what’s not to like? For parents, Easter can be hard work. It’s not just that this religious festival can be viewed very differently by...

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Slow to Speak when Starting School

As preschool places become ever more sought after. Many parents are discovering a new source of anxiety. Their child may not be speaking clearly by the time they take up their preschool place or enter nursery. First and foremost. It’s important to know that language...

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What to do When Your Child Won’t Sleep

If our idyllic watercolour illustration caused you to laugh hollowly, you are not alone. The BBC reports that British children are the most sleep deprived in Europe. Getting on average 7 hours a night when 9-11 is the recommended amount. One common concern we hear...

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