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When Step-Children Visit

If you Google ‘step-children’ one of the top three searches that comes up is ‘resent’. So why is it that so many step parents resent their step children and what can be done about it? There are several reasons that we may not get on with stepchildren the way we do...

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Should we eat together as a family?

If there’s one thing that most families expect when they first opt for a nanny, it’s that they will magically start eating together. Happy families, gathered around the dining table, enjoying nutritious food … that’s the dream. The reality is often quite different....

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Which after school activities are worth it?

It sounds like a daft question, doesn’t it? But in fact it’s something that many parents and childcare professionals have to wrestle with. There are so many choices from music to sport, from art to languages. But which is best for your child and are there any...

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How to handle your summer breaking point

Every parent knows that at some point over the summer holidays they will reach breaking point. It might be the thousandth time a child whines “I’m bored”. Or perhaps the moment you finish inflating the ridiculous unicorn or bright orange kayak they insisted on buying....

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Should I let my child get a tan?

Instagram has done no favours to the responsible parent trying to slap sun-cream on to their offspring! Pictures of ‘sun-kissed’ children munching ice cream or napping in hammocks. Have led to quite a lot of kid pressure to be allowed to get a tan themselves. It used...

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Hayfever and your child

Hayfever, as most of us know, hay fever often begins in the teenage years but it’s increasingly common for younger children to develop symptoms of hay fever, even toddlers. What is hay fever? It’s an allergic response. Often to house dust-mites, animal fur or, of...

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How to feed a fussy toddler

In every gathering of parents one topic tends to come up again and again. Fussy eating. It’s easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than to get most of our toddlers to try a new food! But as all parents know, feeding children a wide range of foods is...

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For many new parents there’s a shock in store when they discover their own parents aren’t planning to be nearly as hands-on as they’d expected. The ‘grandparent gap’ can be a result of many factors: Many grandparents are no longer content to sit at home and amuse a...

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World Book day and how to survive it

This year’s World Book Day is 1st March 2018. While all the newspapers are full of happy children from tots to teens, trotting off to school in costumes that celebrate or commemorate their favourite books. That’s not always the case. A recent Mumsnet survey shows that...

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Valentine’s Day versus family time

Valentine's Day versus family time! We can honestly say we've never met a parent who didn't want to do the best for their children. That's one of the reasons that helping families find their ideal nanny is so rewarding. But sometimes the good drives out the best. Like...

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