Interview Tips For Parents

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Interviewing candidates can be an anxious time for parents and nannies alike. Do remember the interview process is a two-way process. It is recommended you make as much preparation as possible:

Ensure you have thoroughly read the CV and made yourself familiar with the candidates work history & qualifications.

Prepare some questions (see below for a list of examples).

Structure the interview – begin by explaining the job you are offering, days, hours , duties etc. ;  explain your expectations; discuss the household routine – yours and the children’s, working hours, kids’ activities; discuss views (yours and nanny’s) on childcare, development, and discipline.

Allow an opportunity for the Nanny to ask questions; show the Nanny around the house/accommodation (if applicable).

Interview Tips for Parents

Introducing to the Children
It is advised that the children are not present during the initial interview as this can be very distracting.

It is more appropriate to bring them in towards the end of the meeting to introduce them to the candidate, or if you prefer, to arrange a second interview.

It is however essential that the children are introduced at some point before a job offer is made.

You can tell a lot by the children’s reaction to the person and also how the person interacts with the children.

Evaluating the Interview
Many parents find it helpful to make notes during the interview and useful points to consider are: personality, professionalism, appearance, background, communication and suitability.

Not everyone feels notes are necessary and many parents are happy to go with their instincts as to how comfortable they feel with the person and their answers to the questions.

However, if interviewing several candidates, it may be advisable to make even very brief notes, in order not to get confused!

Checking References
Once serious interest in a candidate has been established, we recommend you progress to checking references.

The agency will already have completed reference checks, but we strongly advise you also speak directly to a minimum of two referees to gain a more personal insight into the character and suitability of the candidate for the role you are offering.

When you have satisfied yourself you have chosen the right person, make a job offer as soon as possible as they may be interviewing for other posts.

Making an offer
Only consider making an offer of employment once you have considered and completed all of the above.  In your offer make sure you are clear about:

  • Start date
  • Days/Hours
  • Salary & Benefits
  • Responsibilities/duties
  • Annual Leave
  • House Rules
  • Sick Pay
  • Travel with family

When details of the offer are accepted, a Contract can be drawn up.

Example Interview Questions

  • Why did you choose to become a nanny?
  • How long have you been in your most recent position and why have you decided to leave?
  • What about your other past positions and why you chose to move on from each job?
  • What do you regard as your strongest attributes in relation to your suitability as a Nanny?
  • Or – What makes you a good Nanny?
  • What is it that you enjoy most about being a Nanny?
  • What ideas do you have to keep the children entertained? (Make sure these are age appropriate for your children)
  • What would you do on a cold and rainy day to keep everyone happy?
  • Are you artistic/ creative?
  • Can you cook – and what sort of meals would you produce for the children?
  • Have you ever had to deal with an emergency?
  • Are you First Aid trained? You can always ask for an example as to how the Nanny would deal with a bad cut, or an incidence of choking.
  • Are you a confident driver? Do you have a clean driving license?
  • Are you happy to do additional household tasks & errands – such as picking up dry cleaning, occasional groceries, general tidying up?
  • Are you happy to do additional household tasks & errands – such as picking up dry cleaning, occasional groceries, general tidying up?
  • How flexible are you if we are late getting home?
  • Are you happy to babysit? Would you charge extra for this?
  • What are your views on discipline?
  • Will you teach our children table manners and general etiquette?
  • What salary are you looking for?

Following this – describe the position you have on offer and what your expectations would be:

  • Start date
  • Hours of work
  • Duties and responsibilities relating to the children and around the home.
  • Discuss the children’s current routines
  • Holidays
  • Babysitting requirements
  • House Rules
  • If this is a live-in position, show the nanny her room/accommodation


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