The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) has become a bit of a buzzword amongst our Elite Nanny candidates – and while some are raving abut how it works, others are less thrilled by the regime. So what is the Organised Mum Method and could it be right for you?

Gem, of TOMMM, has designed a structured system for housework, she has a blog and posts videos of how she ‘rocks her housework’. You can sign up for various things and there’s merchandise (of course) to buy.  The concept is quite simple – do as much as possible today because that makes tomorrow easier. What makes the system different is the routes that are suggested can help some families to find their way through the endless demands of shopping, cleaning, cooking and childcare.

Who does it work for?

  1. Those with differing views. Where a family and their nanny have different views on housework or cooking, finding a neutral territory on which to operate can be valuable. For some families, it’s useful to operate around a structure that nobody ‘owns’ because the family members themselves have opposing approaches to these kinds of activities.


  1. Who isn’t a housework procrastinator, we’d like to know? Sometimes it’s great to have a sense that a task has a deadline and many people find it easier to deal with a ‘to do list’ than to be self-starting when it comes to housework.


  1. Housework haters. While some women love to clean, others (including some of the Elite Nanny Company team!) really hate it. TOMM can be an incentive to get on with things, and also a way of getting a pat on the back when we’ve undertaken a task we loathe, through sharing TOMM tasks on social media.

 Who might not enjoy it?

  • Families with a well structured housework routine might find this one restrictive or just annoying.


  • Mums and nannies who have no difficulty handing off tasks to one another will also tend to find it overly structured and might even think it slows down their progress and hampers their flow.


What can I expect of TOMM


Tips like ‘do as much as you can today that will make your life easier tomorrow’ – for example don’t leave dishes in the sink when you could give them a quick rinse and put them in the dishwasher. It’s not complicated stuff but it can be really useful to have somebody point it out.


Printouts – The Organised Mum Method involves a lot of print-outs and a lot of short and fun views to watch. This is useful for mums (or nannies) who need a quick break and inspiration to get back to the housework and a printout can be valuable as a handover tool between nanny and parents, so everybody knows what’s been done and what is still waiting to be completed.

Playlists – oddly, Gem’s playlists have become a big ‘thing’ and there is something quite catchy to folding your tumble drying to one of her eighties playlists.

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