Sometimes it feels like finding the right nanny is a job in itself. Working with a reputable agency to identify the best candidates. Coming up with questions that will help her understand your family dynamic, getting her established in the household… Surely you can relax now? But keeping a good nanny is important too. A vital contribution to the quality of everybody’s life. So here’s our guide to hanging on to the ideal nanny.

Be clear about your expectations

When getting your nanny started, be very clear about what you expect. If she’s going to help with supper or she’ll get several hours to herself in the middle of the day. Let her know. Surprising your new nanny with unexpected duties is a guaranteed way to make her feel unsettled.Or perhaps ready to look around for somewhere that gives her a clearer picture of her daily workload.

Show you care

A good nanny often puts in extra hours. Thinks ahead to resolve problems you don’t even see coming and creates relationships with both your family and your friends so she fits in perfectly. But her physical and mental health are partly your responsibility too. The occasional massage voucher, session with a personal trainer, manicure etc will always be welcome. More important is giving her some time and space to enjoy her own life both outside your family and within it. An appreciated nanny is a happy, healthy nanny!

Understand her situation

Many nannies have specific challenges that their employers can take for granted. For example, a Central London nanny may have the pleasure of visiting Regent’s Park or spending her day off shopping in Chelsea. Hpwever she also has to contend with childcare in Hampstead where parking is a nightmare. We supply nannies worldwide, and help both candidates and families understand what to expect of each other. But there is nothing like a family that commits to helping nanny deal with location specific issues. To help her feel valued and supported.

Don’t obstruct your nanny

An experienced nanny will have her own day of doing things. Which she’ll have proved to work for her. It might not be the way you do things but that’s okay. There’s even some research that suggests children are more resilient of they are exposed to different ways of life and varied approaches to problem solving. So her ‘little ways’ might irritate you but perhaps they are giving your children a more robust way to manage their own challenges?

Be better organised

One of the biggest niggles that we hear from qualified nanny candidates is that as soon as they arrive, parents stop bothering! A shared calendar, whether on smartphones or pinned up in the kitchen, is only any good if all the adults in the household keep it up to date. Don’t be the parent who constantly forgets to say when they will be late home from work or neglects to pass on messages… Those parents don’t tend to keep great nannies for very long!


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