Why would you hire a governess or tutor? There are many reasons:

Exam confidence

One great benefit of a governess or tutor is that your child gets one-to-one support and a real focus on exam readiness which always increases a child’s confidence on exam day.

Teaching style

Some children don’t learn well in group. Maybe they require a tailored approach that allows them to feel mentored, not ‘taught’. Other children enjoy collaborative learning and still others gain from being able to explore a subject in more depth than classroom teaching allows. A governess or tutor allows your child to learn well in ways that help them both in the classroom and outside it.

Specialist subjects

Whether your child is a keen swimmer. An expert amateur archeologist or a proficient mathematician. Choosing a qualified tutor or governess can deepen your child’s skills and feed their interest in a key area of study. A second language is one of the major reasons that people opt for individual learning. A governess or tutor who is fluent in that tongue serves as a long-term investment in your child’s future.

Learning and travelling

Working with a live-in governess allows your child to continue learning while your family travels. Which can bring incredible depth to family holidays or periods spent working abroad. Even a live-out governess or tutor is well placed to help your child make the most of trips, in a way that school lessons will never do.

Expert advice

Whether your child has special aptitudes or struggles with some academic subjects. A tutor or governess does much more than simply ‘coach’ your child. They can suggest resources that will help, plan outings to enhance learning and work with you, as parents, to smooth your child’s path. This invaluable all-round vision of your child’s needs is perhaps one of the key reasons that people choose a governess or tutor.

Tutor or Governess?

A governess works with children between the ages of three and sixteen. They may live in or out. But in either case they focus not only on curriculum style lessons but also on giving your children social skills that can deliver confidence, poise and a confident outgoing attitude.

A tutor is both qualified to teach and experienced in teaching. They come to the family home to deepen your child’s school education. Or commit to to full time schooling your children but do not usually live in.

Finding the right governess or tutor

Talk to other parents about their experience. Then use a reputable agency to help you shortlist suitable candidates who have both the training and experience required to help your child gain the most from being individually taught.


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